International Forum on Use of Underground Space

as a Public Policy Tool for Sustainable Urbanisation

Today development of the Russian cities is accelerating. Public policy, foreign investment, modern technologies aim at the creating of comfortable living conditions for citizens. After more than twenty years of interruption, construction industry attracts again attention to itself, which gives hope to resolve long-standing issues in metropolitan areas: transport, environmental and social.

Unfortunately, under the circumstances, small-scale projects and partial modifications are unattainable luxury. If we do not take urgent action now, life in major cities will stop after several years, on a physical point of view. Today the traffic average speed in St. Petersburg is just 16 km/h! If we choose this way of development, one of the most beautiful cities in the world will become absolutely empty open-air museum, where residents have no place.

The scale of the problem requires radical measures, fundamentally changing principles of the solution of urgent issues. Urban underground space development programs operate to combat the shortage of land areas in many developed countries. These programs constitute a necessary condition for balanced growth of modern cities, and they supported by the state level and attractive for investments.

The purpose of the International Forum, which will be held on 27th -29th June, 2012 in St. Petersburg, is a radical change of an integrated development of underground space in Russian cities, the transition from the practice of indiscriminate construction of underground structures to elaborate models of using underground space.

Professionals, defining urban development policy of world cities, will be expected to participate, they will tell about experience of integrated development of underground space and principles of urban planning in their cities. Speakers will reflect achievements in the field of underground construction, principles of urban planning and persuasive arguments in favor of underground space development: economic, environmental, energy in their presentations.

Global Underground Construction projects, which presented at the Forum, were implemented by our foreign counterparts, will be attracted the attention of public authorities at all levels and potential investors to the creation of modern underground infrastructure of Russian cities. We intend to prove, using the best examples of foreign underground construction, that without the development of underground space is impossible to solve the most acute problems of urban infrastructure such as traffic congestion in the historic center and ecological problems. And understanding the real value of land area gives rise to a favorable prognosis in terms of development of underground construction and increase its attractiveness in the near future.

Participation in the Forum will give to potential investors prospects of achieving on the untapped market of underground space in Russia. Statesmen will solve problems of modern Russian cities. Specialists in civil constructing will be able to claim uncontested need for a comprehensive development of underground space, without which it is impossible to create a favorable environment for life and sustainable development of megacities, particularly in the historical part of it.