The exhibition will be held during the Forum, presenting the best examples of underground construction in metropolitan areas. We invite you to provide your exhibit for exposure.

Dates: 27th and 28th June, 2012

Venue: Hotel «Corinthia St. Petersburg»

The purpose of the exhibition: a demonstration recently sold or are currently under construction abroad and in Russia, underground facilities, as well as future projects. The part of the show to devote to development projects in the underground space and bring it to fill the administration of large Russian cities.

Planned stands:

  • Central stand of St. Petersburg
  • Central stand of Moscow
  • Stands with completed projects
  • Stands with promising projects
  • Designs for placing drawings, diagrams, photos, etc.;
  • Laser bar for video graphics - in 3D, video clips, etc.,

In addition to the exhibition by one of the program’s options may be the saturation of the video installation «The Future of St. Petersburg», and the basis of the video installation will be designed projects, but not yet implemented projects, as yet unknown variants of the urban underground spheres.

  • Break-out sessions
  • Business meetings
  • Cultural program

Requirements for exhibits:

The exhibition can be represented by exhibits in the following form:

  • Polygraphic models;
  • Video, animation, 3D visualization;
  • Photographs and drawings.

All exhibits must be signed and accompanied by detailed information on the purpose, scope and uniqueness of this project, the construction period and its artists.

Much information about the project should be given to project’s advantages in economic, environmental and social sphere. Description is provided by electronic format for using in the exhibition catalog, on the forum’s web-site and on CD-ROM with materials of the Forum.

Exhibits may be made specifically for presentation at the Forum in the means of the organizers of the Forum. Initial data for the production of polygraphic models must be submitted to the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

All exhibits, which made by the organizers of the Forum, are provided at the time of the Forum by participants, and it becomes the property of the organizers of the Forum.

Themes, abstracts and proposals for exhibits must be agreed with the Organising Committee of the Forum.

Please, contact the Organising Committee
for participation in the forum and exhibition by phone:
(812)  325-05-64, (812)  325-05-65.

Download the exhibition concept